Get to Know Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories


 If you're looking for accessories to hook up with your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further since you've come to the right place! This entry will tackle Bluetooth car kits, headsets and earphones, screen protectors, cases and skins, docks and speakers and cases.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S4? First off, you need to know a bit information about your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is manufactured by Samsung Electronics and was released in April 26, 2013. Your phone (as you might already know) has features like the Air Gesture, which lets you control your smartphone while making specific movements with your hand on the sensor, Smart Stay, which is an innovative eye tracking technology which can tell if you're looking at the screen or not and lastly, the phone has Smart Scroll, which allows you to scroll down automatically. It has two major variants, one possessing the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and the other the Exynos 5 Octa.

Now that we've finished talking about the phone, let's now proceed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories.

Bluetooth Car Kits. Bluetooth car kits allow users with Bluetooth equipped phones (such as the Galaxy S4) access to some of the functions of the phone like making calls and playing music while the phone itself is in a handbag or in storage (as long as it's inside the car). This piece of technology allows users to concentrate on driving whilst utilizing the hands-free function of the product. Some of the manufacturers of the product are Blue Ant and Plantronics.


Headsets and Earphones. First off, THERE IS a difference between headsets and earphones. Headsets are ones that are huge, with two miniature speakers for both ears and designed to be worn as a headband. Earphones meanwhile have two tinier-than-miniature speakers designed to fit inside your ear. Both of these accessories are commonly used for drifting off to a different world by listening to music, the radio or by making calls. Possessing these accessories will help out in a lot of departments, the most significant of which is the privacy part.

Screen Protectors. Simply put, these are thin strips of urethane (a plastic-based compound) which are used to protect the phone screen from superficial screen damage obtained from everyday usage. This is a must-have since most phones nowadays have touch screens which either utilize your fingers or a specially made stylus.


Speakers and Docks. Speakers are generally external sound amplifiers. They are connected to a computer (however, in this case, your Samsung Galaxy S4) which makes it more convenient for you to listen to any form of audio. Phone docks for your Galaxy S4 are made to allow a bundle of cables to connect with your device. They are also designed to replicate the functions of other accessories such as chargers, speakers, USB devices, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases. Phone cases have several functions which can be divided into three aspects: Protection, Aesthetics and Practicability. In choosing a phone case, you must consider if it is able to protect your phone from superficial damage (like scratches and small dents) and in extreme cases, severe software and hardware damage obtained from falls and drops. As well as protection, the aesthetics play a vital role as well, even if it's not that important. It affects how your device looks from other people's perspective. The practical meanwhile, tackles the bulk, added weight and convenience. Will the phone case add more weight and space? Will it make using the phone a lot easier?

There is a wide array of accessories to choose from, in spite of the Galaxy S4 being revolutionary in its own right. The best way to maximize the full potential of your device is to learn more about it and utilize everything that it has to offer.

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