Galaxy Note II Review: Features and Specs

Samsung seemed to follow the footsteps of Apple in terms of providing high tech and jump packed featured mobile phones. Last year, 29 August 2012, Samsung Galaxy Note II was launched with an aim to further provide users with satisfaction through a multi-functioning gadget. It appeals to students, artists, business professionals and users who want it have larger screens for their mobile phones. Though some people don’t really mind the S Pen, extra large size while being turned off with $299 premium fee, Samsung Galaxy Note II is still one of the most favored phones under Galaxy series.

In terms of style and design, Note II resembles with Galaxy S3 however, it looks sleek and slim despite its girth. Men and women are turned on with its sleek and professional look. They also don’t have problems with it when kept in a bag or purse. However, it is hard to use the phone using only one hand, thus eliminating efficiency for one-handed people only. Some people would also say that it’s too big to carry but actually you will just get used to it. The good thing is the quality of the materials used; some people using it claim that it doesn’t break even if you accidentally sat on it.


Galaxy Note II

The, 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED Screen display and a quad core, and of course, it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Samsung Galaxy Note II is a worthy investment. Though it looks bigger than other mobile phones, if you keep your eye on it and compare it with iPhone 5, you can actually see that it’s a lot smaller. Like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the design of the Note II is slim and sleek, therefore, you can ask where the adjustment. You got it right, in its battery. A 3100 mAh can provide 35 hours talk time. It also boasts an 8 megapixel LED camera. It can also host a microSd card of up to 64 GB storage capacity.

Galaxy Note II is impressive in terms of screen with deep blacks and vibrant colours. You can also see helpful hardware ports and buttons. The front facing camera is placed above with a proximity and light sensor. While the power button is on the right side, the volume rocker is on the left, the Micro USB port is located in the bottom, the top is for a 3.5mm headset jack.

Galaxy Note II Review

As mentioned above S Stylus (Pen) is not really the thing user’s look into Galaxy Note II, because your fingers can really do well in maneuvering the functionality of the gadget. It has Samsung's TouchWiz that extend Google’s Android vision. You can also do a lot of customizations from settings, screen locks, and other ways you want the gadget be personalized.

Samsung Galaxy Note II provides user with utmost functionality with its specs, most especially because it can hold lots of applications. It must be priced higher than other phones in the market. As of now, it shows decline in prices because of other phones made available. But if you are one of those who keep an eye on your Samsung galaxy note, you have to buy covers and cases to protect it. You can choose a Galaxy Note II case, with a cheaper price but can still accentuate the intricate design of your mobile gadget.

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