iPhone 5s and 5c: Overview and Accessory Compatibility

The iPhone 5 will no longer be Apple Inc’s flagship smart phone, due to the impending release of the two new models later this month, the 5s and 5c along with the company’s new mobile operating system, the iOS 7. The announcement of the two models has been met positively by most pundits and are completely astounded by Apple’s move to produce cheaper models – believe it or not, you can get the 5c for as low as $79.
Both of the new models are different in a few, but telling aspects. One is that the 5s is armed with the new A7 quad-core CPU, which is guaranteed to run a lot faster than its predecessors while the 5c is equipped with the triple core A6 CPU, which was last seen in the iPhone 5. Another telling difference is that the new models are priced pretty far apart from each other and are made of pretty different materials and casings. The 5s will be sold in aluminum cases with three themes: black slate, silver white and gold (who would not want to have a golden smart phone resting in their palms?). The 5c meanwhile is available in a lot of color themes, albeit the shells are made of tough polycarbonate plastic that came with an internal steel frame, effectively cutting manufacturing costs.

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The 5s is also lighter at 112 grams compared to the 5c’s 132g. Having a 5c is like having a cheaper – yet faster iPhone 5 in a plastic case while possessing the 5s is like having an upgraded iPhone 5. Both models will come installed with the iOS 7 and are with identical, 4-inch touch screens. Along with the release of the new models, Apple Inc will also release the new operating system available for download on iTunes. The new iOS 7 designs boasts a minimalist design aimed to boost user-efficiency.
Both models will come with a fingerprint recognition program designed to meet security requirements – now, not anyone can be able to access your phone. The installation of the iOS 7 paves the way for users to access Apple’s online store, the App Store, to download a multitude of available applications and various software like games. The iSight cameras are also available in both devices.
With all speculations and rumors finally put down and with all facts certain, what do you think about your iPhone 5 now? You certainly would want to have the all new models, however, are you worried that the accessories that you availed for your iPhone 5 will not be compatible with the planned upgrade? Don’t fret, given that the size, dimensions, features and capabilities of the new models are almost the same as the iPhone 5 (they even retained the 4-inch screen). Rest assured, if you have your Incipio, Otterbox, iLuv, Griffin and Moshi cases, they will be able to fit all the new models. They will be able to function like how you are used to, so don’t be afraid to upgrade and change for the better. However, if you are not looking for iPhone cases, try checking the hottest LG Nexus covers and accessories.

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